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The Euro-Asian-Initiative is committed to a deeper cooperation between the countries of Asia-Pacific region with Germany and the European Union – on a political, economic, social and cultural level. The Euro-Asian-Initiative arises from the heart of society and is non-partisan. It is supported by people who campaign for a better German-Asian understanding. Our obligation as an association is to maintain and to foster the German-Asian relations.

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Freedom, Equality, constitutional principles, and self-determination of the individual are core elements of our code of values. The political dialogue with our value partners in Asia – liberal and market-based democracies – takes a special place in our initiative. We are convinced that our countries must work closely together to meet the challenges of the 21st century. A dialogue based on partnership also includes critical tones. The willingness to express and accept reasonable criticism is indispensable for a productive exchange of ideas and experience within the Euro-Asian-Initiative. The association is open to everyone who shares our objectives.

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